Photo Snow Globe


Photo Snow Globe are a unique accessory to personalize your Christmas tree. Ornaments are made out of a thick plastic, NOT glass. Design of the ornament features a rounded front and a flat back. Snow globe ornaments are clear in color and have a red border with white snowflakes.

Included is a silver ribbon looped through a silver cap that sits atop the snow globe.

Each ornament can hold 1 photo in 2.25” diameter size, however the viewing area of the picture is approximately 2.13”.

The inside is filled with water, white snow, and silver snowflake confetti that floats around when shaken, and settles at the bottom when still.

Showcasing your favorite memorable photo, this photo snow globe ornament is an instant seasonal keepsake.

Great for Displaying Photos Year Round!

The photo snow globe is made out of durable plastic, NOT glass so it’s sticky-finger-friendly. Holds up to two 1-5/8″ x 3-1/4″ photos one in the front and one back. The picture globe is packaged in a white box, so it’s never hard to give the gift of great memories!

Customize for a Gift with a Personal Touch!

This mini crystal ball snow globe is a clear plastic snow globe photo frame with a black or silver base that can be personalized with your favorite photos! This is a perfect gift for Christmas, birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s day, and other special holidays.

Personalized Snow Globes in a Variety of Sizes!

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