Moving Sand Art Picture Round Glass 3d Hourglass:

Unique Moving Sand Art: With each flip, our moving sand art creates breathtaking sandscapes. Tiny grains of sand flow to form different patterns, offering you new and captivating scenes every time. This unique artwork will add boundless charm to your home or office.

Product size:  12*11CM     20*18CM      28*26CM


Moving sand pictures create a new sand picture with each turn.The sand never makes the same design twice.Watching the colored sand slowly tumble down the circle is relaxing and calming to the mind, which can relieve stress, relax your eyes,cultivate patience. give you unexpected surprise



Lead-free high transparency glass as clear crystal as the water drop allows you to fully enjoy the beauty of quicksand. Products’ detail is fine, carefully screened sand, colorful, levels clearly demarcated, flow out of the pattern of 3D effect is excellent; FRAME: Using new plastic frame, strong and durable, fresh and simple, beautiful and generous



Moving sand art is exactly what you need to decorate your home or office! If you have a hard time buying for your friends or family, they will want to buy these sand art pictures to enjoy



Fun and unique but affordable gifts. Send a sand painting for your elders, loved ones, children, relatives and friends, and hope that they can get rid of their worries and anxiety, and in the new year, they can be as peaceful, simple and fun as this quicksand painting

Spin them any which way and create a whole new landscape every time.

The mixed ratio is great.Besides the sand color, there is also gold micro glitter added to the colored sand.The two collided with each other and create unexpected surprises.

The star and the sea, the river and mountain,from pyramids to faces,ever-changing and mysterious.

28 * 26 cm / 11.02 * 10.23 inch

20 * 18cm /  7.87 * 7.08 inch

12 * 11 cm / 4.7 *4.3 inch

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