How did you come up with the idea of custom snow globe?

A question that is often asked is “How did you come up with the idea of customized glass snow globes?”

Let me slowly say, China is very big, for children growing up in the southern subtropics, only summer, only the sun, typhoons, year round never felt the snowflakes flying winter, snow and ice world is my life’s missing and yearning.

My family has four sisters, my father works abroad all year round, and he always brings gifts to the whole family when he comes home in the Spring Festival, which is always a happy time, looking forward to, with gifts and reunions. When I was eight years old, my father brought me back a fascinating and dreamy gift, a beautiful glass crystal ball, snowflakes dancing in the sky, very cute dolls, singing beautiful songs, has been rotating, see me obsessed, mesmerized, as if in the world of ice and snow, this gift has been accompanied by me growing up.


Perhaps because of the dream, interest, my major in college is design, I like the design of the sky, like big but try different colors impact effect, like graffiti on the walls, thanks to my teacher to my ghosts and elves to give appreciation, he recommended me to do part-time advertising company, very accidentally involved in the Starbucks Christmas decorations design program, the team asked each member to submit their own ideas within a week, I boldly used I boldly used the combination of red and green as the background color to set off the festive season, hand-painted a series of different sizes and shapes of new and joyful glass snow globes as a decoration, creating a strong Christmas atmosphere of snowflakes flying all over the sky for the company to win a new cooperation, a good start, I have more confidence, three years later, I resigned from my job and founded the Handvivo company, as to the power of the handmade customized production of glass snow globes.

At the beginning, I spent half a year living in the factory, eating and sleeping with the workers every day, to understand the production process of the product, how to strive for excellence, from the design of the drawings, carving shapes, production of molds, to the grouting, drying, sanding, cutting, spraying color, every step of the operation personally, and strive for perfection. Especially hand-painted, is about the finished product to show the effect of the most critical step, thick and thin brushes, shapes and colors, can not make a half a point of error, a painting is really a very considerations of the craftsmen’s skills, I sincerely admire. The craftsmen I work with are all very experienced masters, I see them painting faces, sea creatures, Christmas articles, ball players, houses, animals, lifelike, vivid. Compared with the vulgar and cheap snow globes on the market, our products are absolutely fine, please rest assured that any of your designs will not be difficult to defeat us.

In order to meet the environmental requirements of the European and American markets, we purchase paints are tested and certified by the European Union very environmentally friendly materials, at the same time, in order to ensure that the liquid inside the snow globe has been clean and permeable, we spent a lot of money to buy an advanced water purification system, sterile and non-toxic safety, whether it is loaded or for children to play can be assured that the use of bold.

When the snow globe was finished, I relived my childhood memories of the ice world, the moment I assembled it, I was still fascinated,

When the snow globe was finished, I relived my childhood memories of the ice world, the moment I assembled it, I was still fascinated, I knew it would be something I always wanted to do, the work was hard but developing the business into a professional B2B model is a happy thing for me, over the past years it has been a great honor to work with Armani, McQueen, Mont Blanc, TOD and other famous top brands, they all came forward to send inquiries to facilitate the cooperation, I enjoy every communication with customers, every time I receive new inquiries or emails are additionally excited. In the past years, I had the honor to work with top brands such as Armani, McQueen, Montblanc, TOD, etc. They all took the initiative to send inquiries to facilitate the cooperation, I enjoy every communication with customers, and I am very excited every time I receive new inquiries or e-mails, I know that any business will encounter difficulties and adjustments, but I will not be changed because of this.


        Dongguan Shanli Co., Ltd. is located in Qingxi Town, Dongguan City, the manufacturing center of Guangdong Province.

Originating from Sunny Lee’s innovative spirit in 2013, in a dilapidated factory,

Handvivo has now developed into one of the large-scale customization manufacturers in Guangdong Province, China, with a factory of 6,000 square meters, 300 employees, a R&D team of 20, and a sales team of 20 It has more than 400 sets of self-owned molds and provides services to millions of customers around the world.

Its daily production capacity is 20,000 pieces of customized products, its annual export volume is 200 containers, and its products are shipped to more than 170 countries around the world.

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